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Teacher Studio 2.0, $49.99 (USD)
A unified set of tools which are designed by a teacher to help other teachers with their daily tasks. With tools such as a grade book, attendance “sheets”, student management, seating assignments, schedules and more - Teacher Studio will simplify your tasks and keep you organized.
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iReminisce, $5.99 (USD)
A modern journal/diary software for keeping track of your daily activities simple. With features such as moods, ratings, daily photo journaling, and document management (for photos, movies, music and more), iReminisce makes journaling fun and enjoyable.
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OneDock, $4.99 (USD)
OneDock is a revolutionary way of keeping your applications and documents organized and close by. Designed to be a companion of Apple's dock, OneDock gives you the ability to create as many docks (categories) as you want.
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