01 September 2013

Website Facelift

Although we love the previous look and feel, the last design was too limiting. It makes us feel claustrophobic, especially when we use the blog. This newest iteration of our website feels much smoother, even though it looks like tons of other websites out there. We hope you like the new site. If you find dead links or other bugs in this new design, please let us know. Winking

Edit 9/6: so, we are apparently learning about “responsive website” designs - no, not responsible website designs… “responsive” designs. Other than the front page of our site and the banner above, the rest of the pages are supposed to look good no matter what device you are viewing from. The text and graphics should adapt to your device’s screen resolution and should be readable without you have to zoom in/out. If you resize your web browser, the context should adapt to fit the new size. We are still having issues with the front/home page on iPhones, but for the most part, I think we succeeded. This was an experience in the category of “unnecessary frustrations” and we hope to never have to do it again.

TS 2.0.7 Released in MAS

We requested for an expedited/emergency review of Teacher Studio 2.0.7 and was approved “this one time.” As a result, after 5 days of expedited reviews, Teacher Studio 2.0.7 is finally available on the Mac App Store. Winking