TS 2.0.4 Submitted to MAS

We have just submitted Teacher Studio 2.0.4 to the Apple Mac App Store for review. Now, we wait. If all goes well, our Mac App Store users will be able to get their hands on the latest version in about 2-3 weeks. It could take longer depending on how many people are ahead of us. In all honesty, if you are a Mac App Store user and don’t wish to convert to our regular version, the version we just submitted will probably be your last version of Teacher Studio. - Read more...

TS 2.0.4 Released

Due to the requirements of the Mac App Store, we were forced to change the Teacher Studio icon. The existing icon just simply isn’t large enough (must be 1024x1024 pixels) and our original art was never made for something that large. We also deliberately created the new icon to look the way it does so that we can apply the template to our other apps in the future. Besides the icon change, there are some minor bug fixes and UI tweaks. We also added a “live” certificate that is visible once you entered in your license key -- just for fun.

Plans for an iPad Version

We have received a lot of inquiries about an iOS (iPad) version of Teacher Studio. We would love to have an iPad version ourselves, as our Chief Architect is also a full-time teacher. From what we can tell, the tool that we used to make Teacher Studio is expecting to release their iOS framework this December. If they can meet their goals and deadlines, we plan to start developing an iPad version that will synchronize with our current desktop version (if our budget allows) -- in January 2014. If the development tool is ready for us by then, you can expect a shipping version by summer of 2014. We are very excited and can’t wait to start developing for the iPad.

TS 2.0.3 Released

Some of you may have noticed that we released version 2.0.3 of Teacher Studio late last night. This is more of an emergency upgrade to address a few minor bug relating to the interface. By now, you should all be able to get the upgrade directly though your copy of Teacher Studio instead of having to manually download and replace it yourselves. - Read more...

Teacher Studio and Dropbox

Some of you may notice that we have introduced a way for you to save/backup your database to Dropbox. This is experimental and we are still trying to get Teacher Studio approved by Dropbox before it becomes a permanent feature. It is working right now, but it is only working under our development key. We just received word that they don’t like how we integrated their service directly into Teacher Studio and had asked us to move the authentication process off to a web browser instead. It is a learning process for us, so please be patient while we figure out how to play by Dropbox’s rules. Winking

TS 2.0.1 Released

Teacher Studio 2.0.1 (Build 4) has been released. This release resolves a few bugs that our users had discovered over the weekend and was kind enough to spend parts of their busy weekend sending in bug reports. Unfortunately, you will have to manually download and new version and overwrite the one you have now. Future updates will be handled through the “Check for Updates...” option under the File menu. - Read more...

How To Get Your New Key

A few users have written us saying that their e-mail address did not work when trying to get their new license key. Being that our system was written fairly quickly over the weekend, there were bound to be a bug or two. However, we did test the e-mail addresses that those users gave us and they worked just fine when we used them to generate the keys. Please make sure you follow the following steps:
  • Go to our the upgrade page
  • Select “Teacher Studio 1” from the dropdown menu
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Check your e-mail for a verification key
  • Copy and paste (or type) the verification key into the “Verification Code” field and press the “Verify” button
  • You will then get another e-mail with your license key
It is important that you do not close your web browser or move on to another page/website. If you did, you will need to restart the process all over again. Also, the verification code field will only be visible once you entered in a authorized e-mail address. Please read your e-mails from the automated system as all of the instructions are contained with them.

Hello Hsuchi?

We recently sent out an e-mail to all of you let ting you know that Teacher Studio 2.0 was finally released. Apparently, we forgot to take out the test name “Hsuchi” from our new self-written CRM system, which is part of the automated system that allows you to get your new key. This has been corrected and future communications from us using our new system should be correct. Please accept my apologies for the confusion.

- Koua

Free TS 2.0 Upgrade For All

Whew, apparently building a “self-service” system is a lot of work. To make our lives easier, we finished building an automated system to allow you get grab your free upgrade license key for Teacher Studio 2.0. We just did not feel like spending the next few weeks manually generating new keys and sending them out each and everyone of you. Winking

To use the system, you will need to enter in the e-mail address that you used when you made your original purchase. You can click on the link above or click our online store and then click on the “Upgrade” button. Please be aware that we did lose some data during our move from our old location, so if your e-mail address doesn’t work, please send us a copy of the invoice and we will add you to our system. If you are a Mac App Store user, you will need to send us a copy of your invoice from Apple so we can add you to our system. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

TS 2.0 And The Mac App Store

When will Teacher Studio 2.0 be on the Mac App Store? To be honest, we are not sure at this moment. Getting Teacher Studio 2.0 onto the Mac App Store requires additional coding, making sure that we conform to all of Apple’s silly rules and then waiting weeks for Apple to review and either approve or deny our submission. If it gets rejected, we will have to fix the problems and go through the whole cycle again. So, with that off our chest, the best answer we can give you right now is “soon.” We prefer not to deal with the Mac App Store as Apple does take a HUGE chunk of our profit, but if you only deal with the Mac App Store, you will need to wait just a little bit longer.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Unidentified Developer?

If you received a warning about Teacher Studio being from an “unidentified developer”, you will need to right-click on Teacher Studio and click on the “Open” button to bypass Apple’s new security measures (aka Gatekeeper). Once Teacher Studio launches, you will not see this warning again. We did sign the app with our developer key, but apparently it did not work. We will have this resolved soon.

Edited: this has been resolved.

Welcome to Lomation 3.0

Welcome to our new website. This is our 3rd major website revision and we hope you like it. Our previous website was more of a concept website in that we were testing some new technologies to build it. We wanted to see if the tools we used to build that version of our website would be suitable for building web applications. Specifically, we were contemplating building a web version of Teacher Studio. A bad side effect of using these tools to build our website was that all of the HTML codes were hidden, all tucked away in some JavaScript files in a black hole somewhere.

This makes it impossible for search engines like Google to crawl through out website and rank our website. This new version uses standard technologies, so we hope to be on all of the search engines radar again soon. Of course, other major motivation was the release of Teacher Studio 2.0 -- a project that took us nearly 2 years to complete.

Welcome, and enjoy the new site.