Welcome to Lomation 3.0

Welcome to our new website. This is our 3rd major website revision and we hope you like it. Our previous website was more of a concept website in that we were testing some new technologies to build it. We wanted to see if the tools we used to build that version of our website would be suitable for building web applications. Specifically, we were contemplating building a web version of Teacher Studio. A bad side effect of using these tools to build our website was that all of the HTML codes were hidden, all tucked away in some JavaScript files in a black hole somewhere.

This makes it impossible for search engines like Google to crawl through out website and rank our website. This new version uses standard technologies, so we hope to be on all of the search engines radar again soon. Of course, other major motivation was the release of Teacher Studio 2.0 -- a project that took us nearly 2 years to complete.

Welcome, and enjoy the new site.