Website Facelift

Although we love the previous look and feel, the last design was too limiting. It makes us feel claustrophobic, especially when we use the blog. This newest iteration of our website feels much smoother, even though it looks like tons of other websites out there. We hope you like the new site. If you find dead links or other bugs in this new design, please let us know. Winking

Edit 9/6: so, we are apparently learning about “responsive website” designs - no, not responsible website designs… “responsive” designs. Other than the front page of our site and the banner above, the rest of the pages are supposed to look good no matter what device you are viewing from. The text and graphics should adapt to your device’s screen resolution and should be readable without you have to zoom in/out. If you resize your web browser, the context should adapt to fit the new size. We are still having issues with the front/home page on iPhones, but for the most part, I think we succeeded. This was an experience in the category of “unnecessary frustrations” and we hope to never have to do it again.

Help Spread The Word

As we are nearing the finish line of our new website and Teacher Studio 2 rollout, we are now asking for your help to spread the word about Teacher Studio and about us. We have zero advertising budget, so we depend almost entirely on our users and customers to tell the world that we exist. We need your help and support to keep Teacher Studio going. If you like what we do, please spread the word. Tell your neighbors about us. Tell your friends. Tell your colleagues. Tell that stranger next to you. Write or blog about us on your social media sites. Tweet about us on Twitter. Do what it takes to help us grow so we can make Teacher Studio even better than it is today.

We also want to thank all of those who has shown their support by either purchasing a full-priced license (again) or an official upgrade license. You guys are the best!

Thank you,


How To Get Your New Key

A few users have written us saying that their e-mail address did not work when trying to get their new license key. Being that our system was written fairly quickly over the weekend, there were bound to be a bug or two. However, we did test the e-mail addresses that those users gave us and they worked just fine when we used them to generate the keys. Please make sure you follow the following steps:
  • Go to our the upgrade page
  • Select “Teacher Studio 1” from the dropdown menu
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Check your e-mail for a verification key
  • Copy and paste (or type) the verification key into the “Verification Code” field and press the “Verify” button
  • You will then get another e-mail with your license key
It is important that you do not close your web browser or move on to another page/website. If you did, you will need to restart the process all over again. Also, the verification code field will only be visible once you entered in a authorized e-mail address. Please read your e-mails from the automated system as all of the instructions are contained with them.

Welcome to Lomation 3.0

Welcome to our new website. This is our 3rd major website revision and we hope you like it. Our previous website was more of a concept website in that we were testing some new technologies to build it. We wanted to see if the tools we used to build that version of our website would be suitable for building web applications. Specifically, we were contemplating building a web version of Teacher Studio. A bad side effect of using these tools to build our website was that all of the HTML codes were hidden, all tucked away in some JavaScript files in a black hole somewhere.

This makes it impossible for search engines like Google to crawl through out website and rank our website. This new version uses standard technologies, so we hope to be on all of the search engines radar again soon. Of course, other major motivation was the release of Teacher Studio 2.0 -- a project that took us nearly 2 years to complete.

Welcome, and enjoy the new site.