Teacher Studio
Fridley, Minnesota (August 14, 2013)
- Lomation is pleased to announce the general availability of Teacher Studio 2.0. Completely rewritten from the ground up, Teacher Studio 2.0 introduces a brand new user interface as well as streamlined workflows. Teacher Studio 2.0 encompasses all of the lessons learned from previous versions and almost 90% of feature requests sent in from users around the world are now included. Teacher Studio 2.0 is what the 1.x series should have been from the start.

Lomation Quotes:
“We have listened to our users, and Teacher Studio 2.0 incorporates a lot of the feature requests that our users had sent us,” said Koua Lo, Lead Developer. “With the new features in Teacher Studio 2.0, our users from countries other than the United States will feel more at home. We had to redesign and rewrite all of the codes from scratch, taking lessons learned from the previous versions. It took us a long time to get this release out the door, but we think our users will love this new version.”

"I work with 1st graders all day and they are very good at finding ways to make my days interesting," said Pa Houa Lee, Teacher, Lomation founder and Chief Architect. "I remember the first 1.0 release of Teacher Studio, and wow, it is nothing compared to this new version. Teacher Studio 2.0 is shaping up to be a tool that I can’t live without. It is so much easier than ever to help me stay organized in the classroom. Yes, I helped created Teacher Studio so I am a little biased. It’s like a third child to me.”

“Thanks for TS 2.0. Brilliant!!! Loving every bit of it. I already have some meetings with teachers set up for next week so that I can demo it. I'm sure that they will like it as I do.” - Ross, User (Australia)

“I really like this new version. It’s a lot more complicated on the inside, but a lot more efficient on the outside. The seating charts, I can play with that all day.“ - Singyi Lo, Beta Tester.

User Benefits:
Teacher Studio is the only standalone software made exclusively for Mac OS X which has all of the tools necessary to help teachers stay organized throughout their day. Before Teacher Studio, teachers will need to purchase each of the modules found within Teacher Studio separately -- often from different vendors. This makes it difficult to use regularly because they don’t integrate with each other. Users can’t import data from one app to the next because a standalone gradebook has no clue what to do with attendance data. Some can’t even print out reports. Teacher Studio eliminates all of that. Everything is under one roof, making Teacher Studio not only friendly to use, but also enjoyable. Staying organized has never been easier.

Teacher Studio includes the following features:

Desktop module: to quickly view what the day will be like, what assignments are due, class statistics and lesson plans for the day.
Gradebook module: for recording grades, no matter what kind of grade system is used.
Attendance module: taking attendance has never been easier, check... check... check... done.
Student module: all of the student information in one place. Teachers can even take notes or keep a “blog” for each student.
Seating module: create visual representations of where each student sits.
Reports: simple but powerful reports gathered from all of the different modules.
Security lock: set a password to lock Teacher Studio from prying eyes.

Pricing and Availability:
Teacher Studio is available for $49.99 from Lomation's online store. Users are also encouraged to download a 30-day demo to see if Teacher Studio 2.0 meets their needs before making their purchase(s). Teacher Studio requires Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or newer.

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Pa Houa lee
Chief Architect