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Typing Alliance

Learn to type with Typing Alliance. Typing Alliance is a typing arcade-game that makes learning to type easy and fun. Although Typing Alliance was created with K-6 graders in mind, anyone who wants to learn to type while having some fun will enjoy what Typing Alliance has to offer. Typing Alliance has bubbles, lasers, missiles and explosions. It even has a laser shooting shark! Alien ships? Got them too.

Individual letters, or targets, will only fall on the sides according to the hand that should be used to type out the keys. Targets are color-coded so you will be able to quickly identify what key family the target belongs to. When players reach the Moonbase 4 mission, they will also start out by learning 3 letter words and work their way up to more complex words. All of the words in the Moonbase 4 mission were specifically chosen because they are considered basic "English Learner" vocabulary words.

Best of all, unlike other typing games, you are not forced to start at the very beginning. There are no set lessons that you must past before moving on to the next lesson. You can choose any mission at anytime and just have fun while you learn. The goal of Typing Alliance is to simply "hard-wire" your brain and fingers to work together. Finally, if you are brave enough, try the "Challenge Mode" and let the game automatically adjust the speed and drop rates of the targets based on your accuracy level.

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